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Top articles from Edition 24 (11/16)

Brand-new and budget-friendly spectroscopic in situ ellipsometer iSE

The spectroscopic ellipsometer iSE was developed for the in situ monitoring of film thickness and optical constants.

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Direct detection TEM cameras for in situ experiments

Up to now, direct detection TEM cameras have almost exclusively been used for biological cryo-TEM measurements. However, these cameras are also suited...

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Themes in this issue


An example to others – helium recovery in renowned NMR laboratory in Aarhus

During EUROMAR 2016, the largest European conference for magnetic resonance, a high-pressure recovery system for liquid helium was installed at the...

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Magnetic characterization of superconductors – high stability at room temperature

A wide-spread method to store information in hard discs and credit cards is the local polarization of magnetic media. In practice two things are...

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New: Impedance bridge for cryogenic applications

The new temperature controller model 54 from CryoCon can now measure impedance and inductance at low temperatures. In addition, it comes with four...

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Digital microscope and scanner M8 from PreciPoint for Benelux and Germany

M8 is a fully automatic and digital transmitted light microscope with 3different modes – microscope, slides can and synthetic. It thus combines a...

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Imaging spectroscopy from Specim goes portable

The portable spectral camera FX10 is the latest camera generation from Finnish market leader Specim. On the inside, it boasts the high quality of...

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New high-speed streaming camera from AOS Technologies – PROMON U750

Swiss camera manufacturer AOS Technologies present their new, ultra compact, high-speed streaming camera. The PROMON U750 high-speed streaming camera...

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New hyperspectral imaging blog – how long does it take to capture an image?

Multiple factors must be taken into consideration when calculating the recording time of the hyperspectral image of a two-dimensional object. For one,...

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Specim hyperspectral imaging camera distribution in the UK and Ireland

For more than ten years, LOT-QuantumDesign and Specim have been partners in the manufacturing and distribution of high-class hyperspectral imaging...

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Light & lasers

IV curves characterisation of solar cells – costefficient solutions

Keithley meters of the 24xx and 26xx series are the standard SMUs to measure solar cell IV curves. These systems can handle currents up to 3 A.

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Light Sources & Photonic Tools – order your personal copy now

Find valuable information in our English catalog. The “Basics” chapter for example includes the following topics like "Choosing the right source"

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New collimation optics for our MSH monochromators

Due to its optical design, a beam always exits a Czerny-Turner monochromator in the angle corresponding to its f-number. Its irradiance thus decreases...

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Materials science

A successful collaboration – two strong magnets and a football game

Whoever comes to Darmstadt by car will pass a sign saying: “Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt”. A number of well-established scientific institutions are...

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High-temperature nanoindentation of tungsten at temperatures up to 950 °C

For the first time nanoindentation measurements were performed in a vacuum environment where both the sample and the indenter were heated to 950 °C....

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New PPMS dilatometer option discovers phase transition

Both the Quantum Design PPMS and DynaCool will be enhanced by a dilatometer option.

Its special design allows measurements of thermal expansion and...

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PPMS – measuring AC magnetic susceptibility at 50 mK

Do you already have the ACMS or ACMS-II option for the PPMS you are using to measure the AC-magnetic susceptibility of your samples?

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Toolbox, nifty, free-of-charge software to calculate coating adhesion

In the mechanical characterization of thin films, especially in tribology, a number of questions have remained unanswered for years.

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Workshop WVASE – ellipsometry data analysis February 22 - 24, 2017

LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH together with the J.A. Woollam Co., Inc. are happy to announce the next course on WVASE ellipsometry data analysis that targets...

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UV transmitting sample holders – blanket orders possible

On a regular basis, sample holders are mainly used with microscopes. Sample holders made of N-BK7 glass have established themselves as standard in...

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Herbal diet pills – analyzed with the Benchtop-NMR

Together with one of our French customers, our partner Oxford Instruments has analyzed the true content of these so-called herbal pills.

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Quantification of carbon nanotubes – quick and easy

The NS-MiniTracer is the latest and most budget-friendly member of the Nano­­Spectralyzer family of Applied NanoFluorescence.

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