Optical tweezers

Tweez250 from Aresis

The optical tweezers Tweez250 from Aresis is a very compact system enabling exceptional stability and accuracy. It incorporates a very stable laser which is directed and controlled by acousto-optic deflectors. This technology can generate 2500 traps. Trap to trap switching rates of up to 100 kHz ensure quasi stationary conditions for each trapped particle.

Up to 2500 traps
Acusto-optic deflector
Switching rate of 100 kHz
Exceptional stability and accuracy
Stable and powerful laser to adapt trap stiffness

It is a microscope-based technique, which requires a Nikon Eclipse Ti E or Ti Eclipse Ti U microscope; additionally a NIR 60x W NA 1.0 microscope objective; a free camera port; and a filter casette are needed.

Trapping particles

Optical tweezers exploit the forces derived form the radiation pressure produced from a highly focused laser beam. The optical tweezers systemTweez250 from Aresis integrates in a very compact design acousto-optic deflectors (AOD) that enable the creation and control of up to 2500 independent optical traps.

Force measurement for molecular interaction

The ability of the Tweez250 to trap several particles makes it possible to measure the forces between two microstructures by carefully controlling the traps.

Micro rheology
Manipulation of small particles


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