Cryogenic temperature sensors

S950 Silicon diodes and Platinum RTDs from CryoCon

The choice of the right temperature sensor is essential for an accurate and realistic determination of low temperatures. For this purpose, the following sensors are commonly used:

Compatible with CryoCon’s temperature monitors and controllers as well as other equipment on the market
Temperature range from 1.4 K to 400 K for silicon S950 diodes
Temperature range from 14 K to 1020 K for Platinum RTDs

Silicon diodes of the S950 series are the best choice for universal cryogenic use between 1.4 K and 400 K. The sensors are interchangeable (they follow a standard curve) and are available in robust mounting packages of different designs. They are simple, inexpensive and are used in a variety of cryogenic applications, such as cryocoolers, laboratory cryogenic technology, cryogenic gas production and space satellites.

Platinum RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) are an industry standard and are also used by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) from 14 K to 1235 K. They follow an industry standard curve up to 30 K with good sensitivity over the entire bandwidth. At lower temperatures, the RTDs must be individually calibrated. Due to their high reproducibility, they are used in many precision measurements. Platinum RTDs have different designs, are inexpensive, and require only simple instrumentation. They are widely used in applications with liquid nitrogen or with higher temperatures.

Ruthenium oxide RTDs can be used up to below 50 mK. Unique advantages are the low magnetoresistance and a standard curve. Their upper temperature limit is 40 K. Ruthenium oxide sensors are used for applications requiring a standard curve in magnetic fields, such as MRI systems. Beside germanium, they are the only cryogenic temperature sensors that can be used under 100 mK.

Wide temperature range measurements outside of a magnetic field
Cryocoolers and cryogen free systems
Nitrogen and Helium flow cryostats
Cryogenic liquifiers, Storage tanks
Systems requiring rapid thermal response
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