Spring cleaning – Special offer on optical components


We have cleaned up our stock of optical components and offer bandpass, notch, edge and color glass filters for a great range of applications. All filters are checked, ready-to-use and available at an attractive price.

Example: Raman edge filter

Laser line: 514.5 nm
Cut-on:  2.2 nm (80 cm-1)
(OD 6.0 - 50%)
Transmission range: 520.2 nm - 743 nm
Transmission: > 80%
Laser line blocking: > 8
Thickness: 3.0 mm ± 0.1 mm
Diameter: 25.0 mm, mounted
330,- €

Please contact me for technical and price information. I will be happy to look with you for the perfect solution for your application.

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